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How do I become a Gold Member?
How Do I Get Validated/Verified?
How do I earn Stars?


Size Matters
I do I measure my penis?
I cocked up my cock size! How can I change it?
How is the penis volume calculated?
What is an average sized cock?
The Visualiser and Jelqing / PE


What is the League Table?
What's the difference between CockEye1 and CockEye2?
What is the "Missionary View"?
The MorphTube


Is VixenVicky a real woman?
Can I post sex pics in my gallery?
Can I post sex pics on the forum?
The Mod sent me an email 'Your On The Vis!' what's that?
What's a game thread?

How do I become a Gold Member?

Full Membership

By taking out a site subscription you automatically become a Gold Member. This effectively allows you full access to the site and all its features. Plus you can put yourself up for validation if you want to.

How Do I Get Validated/Verified


You will need a Site Subscription, a printer and a digital camera of some kind. You need to upload to Vicky a photo of your erect penis wearing the Validator tag.

More information on this is on the Getting Validated page.

Girl Verification

All we need you to do is to follow the instructions carefully on the Getting Verified Page. If you would like full access and be able to create galleries etc, like the guys you will need to take out a Site Subscription

The Features and Access page has a full listing.

How do I earn Stars?

Visualiser Stars

There are several ways to earn stars. The easiest way is when you take out or renew a site subscription. A one year membership earns you 12 stars! You will earn more stars when you get validated and you can also enter Vickys competition. And taking part in any games that Vicky sets up will often be rewarded with stars

I cocked up my cock size! How can I change it?

Changing Penis Size

It is quite common that people get their size wrong! Re-measure it carefully just as suggested below and go to the Cock Adjuster where you can change your size. Be careful to get it right as you are limited on the number of times this can be changed!

Measuring the penis

The Length

Measure your erect penis with a ruler pressed lightly onto your pubic bone. You`ll find a ruler is easier than a tape measure. Don't kid yourself! It really is more fun if you don't exaggerate! Plus if you want to get validated by Vicky in the forum, you'll have to be able to prove it!

Bone pressed V non-bone pressed

The Visualiser uses bone pressed sizes. Because everyone is different and some people carry more weight than others, pressing the rule onto the pubic bone gives a consistant point to measure from.

The Girth

You will need to know the girth of your cock. To do this measure the circumference of your penis with a tailors tape measure Take the measurement from around the middle of the shaft. A piece of paper will do, marking it as shown. Lay the paper along the ruler and read off the measurement.

How is the penis volume calculated?

Mods Visualiser Cock Volume (MVCVF) Formula

A while back I donned my white coat and clipboard and armed myself with a test tube, a pair of digital scales and a realistic plastic phallic! The idea was, using water displacement to calculate the difference between a cylinder and a penis shape in order to get a more accurate volume measurements.

I came to the conclusion that the Glans of the Penis (the head) works out to be only 63% of the equivalent cylinder. So this is taken onto account when calculating the volume of your penis. It is as follows:

area = 3.14 x ( r x r)

shaft = area x sl

glans = ( ( area x gl ) x 63) / 100

volume = shaft + glans

What is an average sized cock?

The Visualiser Average

An average (Visualiser) penis is one that is between 5.5" (140 mm) and 7" (178 mm) in length. All men within those lengths are classed as average. Above that, large and below, modest.

Exceptions are made where a man is below 5.5" but still achieves a volume greater than 155 (mm3)* and any guy who is less than 7" but a volume greater than 260 (mm3)** will be classed as large.

155* is the average volume for a 5.5" (140 mm) long cock with an average girth for that size.

260** is the average volume for a 7" (178 mm) long cock with an average girth for that size.

How penis volume calculated

The Visualiser and Jelqing / PE

The Visualiser does not endorse this practice. In fact we highly recommend you do not try it.

According to the NHS in the UK "there is no scientific evidence to suggest jelqing can increase penis size". It would appear though to have some short term results. But with some serious long term issues such as, erectile dysfunction (impotence), permanent bruising and you can even end up with a smaller penis than you started out with! So our advice is leave it alone, be happy with what you have, remember its not what you've got, its how you use it!

What is the League Table?

The league table

The league table is a bit of fun which records Gold Member comparisons and keeps track of which cock "won"!

A comparison will only count once so there's no point in keep comparing with the same member. and you score only if you are the one being compared to:

In other words, only members comparing with you can effect your score. So you need to encourage people to compare with you if are wish to alter your League position.

What's the difference between CockEye1 and CockEye2?

The CockEye System

CockEye is a piece of software we use to validate Gold Members. We ask members to print out their validation tag and photograph their erect penises wearing the tag. The CockEye software can most of the time calculate your penis size. And importantly as the tag has your username on it, so it identifies that its your penis.

CockEye1 was the original, not so accurate version. Many older members still have this validation, but can get re-validated at anytime if they so wish. Now days it is used more often when Vicky, using CockEye2 simply cannot accurately determine the size, but obviously she can still validate the user and is happy that the size claimed is approximately correct.

What is the "Missionary View"?

The Missionary Comparison takes you and the comparer and puts you both inside a virtual woman! You can either morph from you to the member you are comparing with or show them both at the same time, as the sample below demostrates...

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Show Both
Swap Position

Missionary Comparison

What is The MorphTube?

The MorphTube is great new way to compare available to other full members. See your cock morph to the member you are comparing with!

Below we have an example using the Mr Modest and the Mr Big from the Visualiser presets. You can also use this feature in The Visualiser.

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Your Cock!

The MorphTube Visualisation

Is VixenVicky a real woman?

You kidding? Have you seen the size of her rack!

No seriously, we know on the Net there are alot of cons but I can assure she is real, she is not The Moderator or is she some kind of artifical intelligence program. Sign up and check out her gallery!

Can I post sex pics in my gallery?

As the gallery pictures are only visible to full members we allow images with sexual content to be up loaded. Generally as long as you have the legal right to post the pic and its not illegal in the united kingdom then its a matter of taste! ...try and do it so its sexy and not dirty! I think you know what we mean, tasteful not tacky!

So post along that guide lines and no probs. But remember its your responsibility to make sure you have the right to publish any pic you upload and we will remove any we find inappropiate.

Can I post sex pics on the forum?

Please remember this is an adult site but its not a porn site when you post links to images on the forum.

Pictures of cocks, breasts and bums etc are fine, but anything that involves hard core, sexual violence and especially child pornography/nudity is not acceptable.

The Mod sent me an email 'Your On The Vis!' what's that?

In the 'Edit Profile' page there's a tick box which says 'I am happy to be included on The Visualiser', and you ticked it!

This means that until The Mod selects some new members (about once a month) your virtual penis is listed in the dropdown; 'Select Comparisons' - 'Site Members' on The Visualiser Page. So you can be selected as a Visualiser comparison! A little moment of fame! Surprised you didn't notice it before!

What's a game thread?

When you create a new thread you are given the option to mark it as a game thread, as apposed to perhaps a more serious discussion/interest thread. The above logo then appears along side it and any posts made on it on the homepage.

On the homepage people are then given the option (check box 'Show game threads') to view the games or hide them if they are not interested in participating.

Hopefully this way discussion and interest threads will not be lost so quickly!

IMPORTANT: if you start a 'game thread' and don't mark it as one it maybe removed

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